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I am Sally O'Reilly, BA Psych, MA Couns Psych, MIAHIP, SIAHIP, MEAP. I work in full time private practice as a Counselling Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Supervisor accredited with the IAHIP (Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy, which is a member of ICP). I also hold the European Certificate of Psychotherapy from the EAP and am a graduate member of the Psychological Society of Ireland.

I offer individual, family group and couples sessions, and I work with all ages, including children. I have a particular interest in working with teenagers and young people, and run the personal development and substance misuse prevention module for Transition Year students in Midleton College. For several years I worked in Barnardos as bereavement and trauma therapist for children and families. While there, I and a colleague co-authored this page for bereaved teenagers.

My main practice is in East Cork, Youghal, and I have appointments available in Ladysbridge as well.

Click on the links above for further information about my training, experience and hours of business. I have a blog section for you to peruse and am also on Facebook and Twitter - feeds over there on the right - follow if you wish! I co-author sister site Two Wise Chicks  - do pop over when you're done here and check it out. And finally, please feel free to fill in the contact form here with any queries you may still have when you're finished browsing the site. 


Sally O'Reilly



Managing post exam stress - some do's and don'ts.


Many students and parents assume that once the exams are done, the stress is over. Unfortunately, for some, it's hard to put that away as the seemingly endless wait for results begins. 

So the exams are over and you’re thinking “Yay! Stress over!”

And it is for some, but for others a whole new level of stress now kicks in. It’s a little trickier than pre exam stress, because the people around you might assume you are now the embodiment of Zen and relaxation, because technically the exams are over.


Stressed about your exams? Here's a doable list of 'Do's and Don'ts':

Exam tips

The Irish Leaving Certificate examinations are days away now and last minute stress is mounting for many students. This is a list of tips for the final push and the exams themselves:

I'll keep this simple and not link to supporting evidence  - but know that I have it if you're interested:)

So for lead up:


1. Stick to your routine (studying, sleeping, eating) - now is not the time to make big changes, to anything.


The marriage referendum, an opinion piece.


I intentionally steer away from politics on this site. But it occurs to me that the issue of marriage equality is not a political issue. It's a human rights issue.


What I've learned about friendship (so far!)


We pay a lot of attention in therapy to partnerships and family relationships. But what of friendships? These enormously influential relationships deserve attention too. They might be our sole source of support. They might be utterly toxic. Either way the importance of our friendships can often be overlooked. On sister site Two Wise Chicks we posted a piece on toxic friendships, how to spot them, how to deal with them. This piece is best described as the musings that inspired that post. 

I think it was Goodfellas, definitely a mafia film, where I saw the following scene: This guy owed our hero, his friend, $10. Our hero was having a lot of trouble retrieving the money, he kept on trying but his 'friend' was creative with excuses.

We've all been there right?


Helping to nurture your teenaged daughter's body image


As teenagers' exposure to media increases, so does the pressure they feel to look 'good'. This pressure is experienced by both genders and is applied in various ways. This piece looks at the pressure on teenaged girls specifically. It was first posted on sister site TwoWiseChicks with a really lovely follow up post written by my colleague here.

Do  you suck your tummy in when you think other people are looking at you? Why?

Every day, women (and men) are bombarded by messages on the TV, radio, print media including the internet telling us (and selling us) on how to change how we look.


What is the difference between Counselling and Psychotherapy?

Counselling v's Psychotherapy

Recently there has been a lot of welcome discussion around standards of training and supervision in the fields of counselling and psychotherapy. The current move is towards stricter regulation so that clients might be better protected and safer in their work with their chosen professional. Part of that work involves defining those professions. 

You can see in my header on this site that I use the word counselling three times to describe what I do. A sign of changing times is that I need to substitute the word 'Counselling' with 'Psychotherapy'. 

(And I will as soon as I switch this site over to Wordpress, or rather, get help switching it, not being as tech savvy as I'd like!!)


6 fake apologies and how to spot them


I'm pretty certain that you, like me, have been left feeling a little chilled at some point after receiving a long-awaited apology. Instead of feeling relief, you’re left with a churning stomach, your heart is thumping, you’re feeling de-centred, uncertain, maybe even irritated. (I initially posted this one on TwoWiseChicks, a sister blog I write with a friend and colleague - please do feel free to have a look!)

I'm pretty certain that you, like me, have been left feeling a little chilled at some point after receiving a long-awaited apology. Instead of feeling relief, you’re left with a churning stomach, your heart is thumping, you’re feeling de-centred, uncertain, maybe even irritated.

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